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From the ancient seaweed eating sheep that graze around the foreshore managed by the ancient sheep court, to the lighthouses that stand proud at the north guiding the shipping with the tallest land based lighthouse in the UK.

North Ronaldsay has a unique and world-recognised heritage for visitors to explore  

The stunningly beautiful sandy shores to the south and east, dramatic rugged coastline to the north and west, and the peaceful centre area are all wonderful to explore taking in the beautiful scenery, and wildlife. 

North Ronaldsay is where old traditions and customs are still  a rich part of island life but this innovative island also embraces the 21st century.


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Seaweed-Eating Sheep

Its easy to see the islands ancient breed of famous seaweed-eating sheep during the summer months as the ewes are taken into grass in order to have more sustenance for feding their lambs.  

However you will still see plenty of sheep on the foreshore  all around the island, down on the rocks grazing on seaweed at low tide.

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Annual Sheep Festival

29th July to 10th August 2018


Join us for a two week celebration of culture and conservation in true North Ronaldsay style.

We are calling for volunteers to help rebuild a historic structure which is essential to the conservation of the rare, seaweed-eating North Ronaldsay sheep. Said to be the longest drystone structure in the world, the Sheepdyke runs 13miles separating the foreshore from the rich inland grazing of North Ronaldsay.

Under the guidance of local experts, dyke-building sessions will be held during weekdays of the festival along with a range of activities and events for all the family!

More information contact: https://www.nrsheepfestival.co...

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Prize Draw

Fantastic prizes with winning tickets to be drawn on Saturday 4th August 2018 during NRT BBQ during annual sheep festival

Great prizes for all to win

Want some tickets?

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Don't hesitate contact email  prizedraw@northronaldsay.co.uk


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Bright Night Skies to Dark Skies

21st June 2018 midnight

Summer brings plenty of daylight that leaves a glow over the island in the early hours before the sun rises. Whilst the opposite is true in winter because there is no light pollution we have an incredible umbrella of stars on clear nights.  The community has a wonderful portable telescope to take advantage of star gazing on these wonderful inter nights, and every year during the annual Orkney International Science Festival we have talks and workshops on the island exploring the solar system, stars, and space in general.  

There's a Dark Skies event planned for Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September 2018.  More details to follow soon



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