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From the ancient seaweed eating sheep that graze around the foreshore managed by the ancient sheep court, to the lighthouses that stand proud at the north guiding the shipping with the tallest land based lighthouse in the UK.

North Ronaldsay has a unique and world-recognised heritage for visitors to explore  

The stunningly beautiful sandy shores to the south and east, dramatic rugged coastline to the north and west, and the peaceful centre area are all wonderful to explore taking in the beautiful scenery, and wildlife. 

North Ronaldsay is where old traditions and customs are still  a rich part of island life but this innovative island also embraces the 21st century.


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Seaweed-Eating Sheep

Its easy to see the islands ancient breed of famous seaweed-eating sheep as now nearly all have returned to the foreshore following the ewes lambing and the sheep being clipped of their fleeces.

Their fleeces will be dried and then traded through the local Wool Mill where the fleeces will be spun into yarn which is sold to many destinations around the world.


Our expertise

Dark Skies Weekend Event

North Ronaldsay Trust in association with Orkney Science Festival In North Ronaldsay Community Centre

Sat 8th Sept  8-10pm Evening Talks


Matjaz Vidmar -  Global Space Industry is in a time of a radical transformation and is no longer the exclusive business of global superpowers or multi-national corporations.  In this talk we will link the rich history of Astronomy and Space Science in Scotland to examine exciting new developments in our ambition to follow these trends and expand our space sector; looking in particular at how we join together entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, with some help from long-established institutions and new ventures.  However, building a Space Industry ecosystem is not trivial - after all, who said it was not rocket science?


Maarten de Vries - Maarten de Vries from Moray's Astronomy Club, SIGMA, will tell about the wonderful things you can see in the night sky, including objects from the catalogue of the famous French astronomer Charles Messier, which are very popular with beginning astronomy enthusiasts the world over, and which are particularly great when viewed from a dark sky location such as North Ronaldsay.  He is going to challenge you to bag 55 of them!!

Sunday 9th September 

9 am -10.30 am Morning Workshop


In this workshop Maarten will discuss potential ideas for things and activities to consider once North Ronaldsay its Dark Skies status

11 am - 12 noon Morning Workshop


With Gordan Mackie, Maciej Winiarczyk and Christian Wilhelm from Caithness Astronomy Group.  For people interested in observing the night sky with telescopes or binoculars,  or just the naked eye, and people who want to take night sky photographs, a great opportunity to gain knowledge and skills first hand.

3pm - 4pm Afternoon Presentation


Gordan Mackie, Maciej Winiarczyk, Christian Wilhhelm from Caithness Astronomy Groups

Presented by Gordan Mackie, and including some spectacular aurora time-lapse photography by Maciej, and information from Christian of missions to Mars. A part of the tour will show stunning views of the Earth from orbiting spacecraft.

All events are free through the support for the festival from core sponsors, Orkney Island Council and the Scottish Government.  Donations may be given and will go to the work of the North Ronaldsay Trust in seeking international Dark-Skies status for the island.

Annual Sheep Festival

29th July to 10th August 2018

A whirlwind fortnight of activities centered around the rebuilding of the islands Sheep Dyke has come to an end.  43 volunteers from Orkney, Scotland, England, Canada, and Hong Kong came to the Island and built 250 paces of dyke, equating to the movement of 250 tonnes of stone.  When away from the wall there was a pleather of activities from evening talks on North Ronaldsay Sheep management, tannery, music and film evenings. there were organised tours of the island Wool Mill and Lighthouse, dances, bake off competitions, BBQ, plays, quiz, and an international football match, residents against visitors, which was won by the visitors.

Not enough space to cover all but maybe an extra page added soon.   But to be repeated net year

More information contact: https://www.nrsheepfestival.co...

Prize Draw


Orkney Wine  -  Mrs M Jackson  (c/o Sangar)
Scapa Glasses  -  Sinclair Scott
Swanney Beers set  -  M Shearer, Kirkwall
Orkney Ales  -  Ian Webster, Edinburgh
Orkney Tweed Vole  -  Grieve, Stromness
Orkney Brewery Tour  -  Stan Jamieson, Kirkwall   
Longship Tray  -  Clive Mead, Gloucestershire
Hume Sweet Hume Voucher  -  Ella Henderson, Stromness
Sheep Festival Mug  -  Lynn Morris, Kirkwall
Highland Park  -  T Cromarty
Tour of Highland Park Distillery  -  Bernie Holbrook
Tour of Kirkuvagr Gin Distillery  -  Liz Forgan
Karen Tweed Tune  -  Islan Davison
NRBO Voucher one night for 2  -  Wm Tulloch, Sand Ha’, Stromness (William junior)

Donaldson’s Voucher  -  Kitty Lam, Hong Kong

Donaldson’s Voucher  -  George, Maud
Idiom – Wrigley Sisters CD  -  Amy Tulloch, Stromness
Judith Glue Voucher  -  Stan Jamieson, Kirkwall
Freda Bayne Bag  -  Lou Flett, Stromness
Orkney Cheese Voucher  -  Caroline Stevenson
3rd Prize  -  £100  -  Sinclair Scott
2nd Prize  -  EE Hawk Phone  -  M Shearer, Kirkwall
1st Prize  -  5 nights Lighthouse Cottages  -  Mrs E Duncan, Aberdeen

On behalf of the North Ronaldsay Trust many thanks for your support to both all people that supported by buying tickets, as well as those very generous people who donated the excellent prizes.  Many thanks to you all


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