North Ronaldsay a Dark Skies Island

In 2021, our efforts to protect and preserve our natural night-time environment paid off, and we were officially recognized as a Dark Skies Community by the International Dark Skies Association. ( This recognition is a testament to our dedication to reducing light pollution and promoting sustainable practices.

On clear nights, our community is treated to a breathtaking view of the Milky Way arcing overhead, surrounding us with a dome of stars, while the horizon opens up to the flat seas that surround our island. We are committed to further enhancing our resources and continuing our efforts to educate and inspire others about the importance of protecting the dark skies.

Currently, our community has two telescopes, and we aim to hold monthly Dark Skies talks and walks to share our passion and knowledge with others. Through these events, we hope to raise awareness about the impact of light pollution and inspire others to join us in our efforts to preserve the beauty and wonder of the night sky for generations to come.

Links To Our YouTube Videos

Eric Walker shows how to take the TAL telescope to bits

Eric Walker's presentation from the North Ronaldsay Science Festival 2023

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